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Reginald 8 soat oldin
16:33 gets weird
boogerman908 8 soat oldin
C Thomas Howell is the guy keeping Kevin Sorbo in movies right
Vinn Balor
Vinn Balor 8 soat oldin
He looked liked Corey Feldman comment killed me
Joshua Tolles
Joshua Tolles 8 soat oldin
Hey, they used your time travel idea!
Joshua Tolles
Joshua Tolles 8 soat oldin
Danielle Escorcia
Danielle Escorcia 8 soat oldin
Through my life I always thought watching Thunderpants was a delusion and some kind of Mandela effect-esque memory mixup but now I've learned it was all read oh my god
22many 8 soat oldin
"The priest in the beginning" of Infested was the jealous scientist in ST:TNG where the young bird-person wife had the hots for Riker. Debate me.
Danye Jones didn't kill himself.
Danye Jones didn't kill himself. 8 soat oldin
18:45 The timezone thing gets brought up a million times, but east Africa is only 7 hours ahead of Eastern US time, so it could be 10am in Virginia and 5pm in Wakanda
celestia vestia
celestia vestia 9 soat oldin
What can I say after years watching you three I can say something I wanna
TheSolMike 9 soat oldin
And they did the blob in 2021. Mindblown what a restrain !
Pudgyplumber 9 soat oldin
steven 9 soat oldin
I wonder who has to be the one to always clean the mess at the end?
Jack Pijjin
Jack Pijjin 9 soat oldin
Unmitigated disaster.
Blue Comet productions
Blue Comet productions 9 soat oldin
8:43 Judge Kevin James
John Mateus
John Mateus 9 soat oldin
Insulting Trump supporters at the end with a cheap shot attack. . Nice one, guys. Stay classy.
Bowarrows 9 soat oldin
liars this was recorded after jan 4th
Fuhk-er-ee 9 soat oldin
Great review guys, especially loved the wonder woman 1984 digression clip! Has anyone of yall gotten around to watching The Expanse? Started on SyFy channel but now its on Amazon.
Jakey 9 soat oldin
Jay, for the love of god, find someone as weird as you to talk about the lighthouse in a re:view! I don't care who it is, talk about it!
CallinicusHu 9 soat oldin
Killing 50% population randomly would collapse all government and economy. Enourmos amount of collateral damage from vehicles losing their drivers, patients losing their doctors, and so on. It isn't just an insane, it isn't just inhuman, it is STUPID. Pointless boundless stupidity. Ten years old logic. If you halv the population of lets say India it is still overpopulated, if you do that to Greenland basic amenities will be missing because of the lack of workforce. Meanwhile in just 1 or 2 generations, less than a 100 years, the population just doubles and quadruples again and again. Also with the necessery technology which is much less than what all the spacefaring civilizations in the MCU has, just the Earth could support a trillion worth population. With the insane nano and arc technology Stark has humanity is already on that level. Infinity War was incredibly stupid. It was fun, the handling of characters was impressive, but the plot was irritatingly stupid. Why they didn't decapitate Thanos with a portal? Why didn't even try? Why no wakandans or actually US soldiers have Iron Man armor? Stark told us in Iron Man 2 how long it takes for well developed countries to design their own power armors and the time has passed. MCU world building is sloppy and inconherent.
Bionic Ninja
Bionic Ninja 9 soat oldin
Xtros alternative ending is good
Terry Wolfe
Terry Wolfe 10 soat oldin
Isnt your review series literally called HALF IN THE BAG because you just rant about stuff half drunk? Who cares man, just have fun
TheLadeef 10 soat oldin
Glad someone else thinks this movie has some magic.
Wayne Adams
Wayne Adams 10 soat oldin
Can we get all the HITB stingers put together in one long movie?
Dr Shyho
Dr Shyho 10 soat oldin
Wade Johnston
Wade Johnston 10 soat oldin
Pretty sure they'd disown that girl for having aids. JWs I mean.
Kevin Morales
Kevin Morales 10 soat oldin
Crazy how the future of this movie is trying to become reality right now 😐
dbsommers1 10 soat oldin
Its my number one of all time.
Frank Cooke
Frank Cooke 10 soat oldin
Ryan's Babe makes sense if you interpret it as transparently autobiographical and an exercise in vindication, as all these sorts of films tend to be (eg I did naht hit her). We can deduce that the writer/director definitely stalked a girl (In his mind it was her father being overprotective) and tried to overdose on sleeping pills. He's been in a motor-vehicle accident with a cyclist (Because someone ran over his bike as a kid). He's gotten drunk and stripped naked at a club (but everyone liked what they saw). He's spent a LOT of money on sex-workers (to provide their kids with a future). He's been accused of a sex crime (but it was a lynching) and he likes watching men piss (self-explanatory). He started off trying to write some kind stockholm-syndrome hostage thriller like 'A Perfect World' (that one with Kevin Costner) but by about page 20 his own pathology got the better of him and he ended up making a video-diary of his narcissism and self-denial. Through that lense, the film makes perfect sense.
WAND3R 10 soat oldin
I'm a young guy and this is one of my favourite movies. I've re-watched it several times now and I've never found it boring.
StubenhockerElite 10 soat oldin
back when they actually did stuff
WackyWally8 10 soat oldin
Good Film!
Kirill Voronyuk
Kirill Voronyuk 10 soat oldin
"jiminy cricket prick bastard!"
spike spiegel
spike spiegel 10 soat oldin
I assumed that the children's parents paid for them to get a certain amount of time to run amok in the store
Gunnonni. 10 soat oldin
It's obviously a Christian thing because abstinence only is 100% entirely a weirdo religious thing. No exceptions Same with all anti-abortion people.
Danye Jones didn't kill himself.
Danye Jones didn't kill himself. 10 soat oldin
I am joining the 4.9 million people who watched this video instead of watching the movie
LazyGamerNyx 10 soat oldin
One of my favorite movies EVER! I love when artists get full control to be creative. You get stuff like this =D
walter hank
walter hank 11 soat oldin
Star Wars The Last Gotcha
lynninpain 11 soat oldin
7:28 "I translated into computer form because I can't read my own handwriting." I have the same problem Mike. It's called getting old.
lynninpain 11 soat oldin
Now I had to put my reading glasses on to see if I wrote what I thought I wrote in this comment. =D
Mark Bryant
Mark Bryant 11 soat oldin
I wasn't into the Tom Green show at all. But I'd seen quite a bit of it at a friends house. He liked it a lot. When I saw this movie I was high as fuck and I was in hysterics. "Proud. Proud? Proud. ....GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY." Awesome. ...Plenty of shit scenes in it though. Like the broken leg scene and the baby delivery scene.
tschak909 11 soat oldin
"...That would be awesome..." and just like that, Jack was cancelled...
spike spiegel
spike spiegel 11 soat oldin
Literally closed my eyes and screamed during the tim burton clips.... I'd rather eat a piece of human shit than watch even 2 seconds of that
walter hank
walter hank 11 soat oldin
tbh they even took it easy with this film
Shoezz 11 soat oldin
Months after watching this episode, I found myself drumming with my pencil in class. It took me five full minutes before I realized it was the damn Computer Beach Party song.
Lucasful 11 soat oldin
I'm not seeing enough comments about the dates being 9 and 11
Hunter Thompson
Hunter Thompson 11 soat oldin
Soooooo you’re telling me my 1977 r2d2 tripled in price?
Logic Plague
Logic Plague 11 soat oldin
Anything to avoid STD Season 3 Re:View, huh?
Dr Shyho
Dr Shyho 11 soat oldin
ykikes XD
Orange Navels
Orange Navels 11 soat oldin
It’s not about the bunny. Is it about the bunny? But seriously, I think Jay just farted.
Palmer Adams
Palmer Adams 11 soat oldin
I'm back for more
Orange Navels
Orange Navels 11 soat oldin
Did Jay just fart? I think Jay just farted.
Dr Shyho
Dr Shyho 11 soat oldin
lucas loves being boring XD
Geoff Kennedy
Geoff Kennedy 11 soat oldin
I think I give ID4 or Independence Day credit for understanding exactly what is was - a big dumb popcorn flick. I remember as a usher being more memorized by how many people were flocking to see it. Everybody at that time wanted Star Wars, but they weren’t getting it. At least, not for another 3 years and even then 😞.
Voxx-Chatter_777 11 soat oldin
interesting that Greg Romero Wilson plays Wendell And the Yellow Dino...doesn’t that kinda send the wrong message? Unless he really IS a tricky person.
Dr Shyho
Dr Shyho 11 soat oldin
goongoons XD
Jeff Barber
Jeff Barber 11 soat oldin
guys.... seriously... the original "Blob" is a Classic Steve McQueen movie! it was the 1950s "Alien" and probably as terrifying to audiences back then. I suggest you go watch it along with a load of other classic sci fi movies.... Forbidden Planet, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Demon Seed, Colossus : The Forbin Project, The Omega Man, Soylent Green, etc.... do a series on old time sci fi.
Dr Shyho
Dr Shyho 11 soat oldin
Jon Bona
Jon Bona 11 soat oldin
This review compelled me to see this movie. It has become one of my favourite modern Westerns.
iamweapon 11 soat oldin
Had no idea Mike was involved with this show...
The Modern Storyteller
The Modern Storyteller 11 soat oldin
Dr Shyho
Dr Shyho 11 soat oldin
Somber Rhombus
Somber Rhombus 11 soat oldin
Holy shit it was filmed not far from me.
OP_ Snooze
OP_ Snooze 11 soat oldin
They really didn't need to write their way out of this hole in 2016. They were headed toward 2020. If they'd hung in there a few more years this plotline would have merged seamlessly.
BASIL!!!!! The pumpin' Seagull
BASIL!!!!! The pumpin' Seagull 11 soat oldin
*sigh* Picard was even worse than they predicted.
Alan Adrian
Alan Adrian 11 soat oldin
My girlfriend heard this video in the background and thought Mike sounded like Dave Coulier from Full House. Now I can't unhear it!!!
Aaron Matthews
Aaron Matthews 12 soat oldin
this is Peak Dick
brumal H
brumal H 12 soat oldin
I always thought the movie was about not being ready as a parent and reinforcing as much anxiety into the viewer as posible
Barry Allen
Barry Allen 12 soat oldin
10:00 Mike recaps the plot of "Resident Evil: Apocalypse"
Insect Spray
Insect Spray 12 soat oldin
God, I love you guys.
Ryan Moulson
Ryan Moulson 12 soat oldin
This thumbnail was made by Scott the woz
JonaSaxify 12 soat oldin
Why did you guys take down Diamond Cobra and the White Fox? I loved that video!
Jon Bona
Jon Bona 12 soat oldin
They are correct: Tom Hardy is great in this movie.
K&M 12 soat oldin
Jackass actually started because of the Big Brother magazine which started in the early 90s. So technically, Jackass (at least the seed of it) predates Tom Green show by quite a bit.
The Wheel
The Wheel 12 soat oldin
I already forgot this film existed. And now I am going to go back to forgetting it.
Skyler Soss
Skyler Soss 12 soat oldin
There was an audible sigh in the theater after the movie cut from a dramatic scene to a generic sweeping landscape shot. I think that sums up the movie.
Janne Lönnqvist
Janne Lönnqvist 12 soat oldin
Biggest shame is that it flopped so very heavily money-vise. IIRC made only quarter or third of the money used for it.
Jack Pijjin
Jack Pijjin 12 soat oldin
I notice a lot of discourse regarding Riker's 'fourth law' joke- because it doesn't work here. In TNG, it would be obvious it was a joke. ST:P, though, is so full of itself that you genuinely can't tell it's a farce anymore. It was entirely plausible that they thought it was an actual, valid thing.
pepe the frog poops on right wingers
pepe the frog poops on right wingers 12 soat oldin
mike chasing jay and rich was genuine, it wasn't a joke was it? 0_o
Janne Lönnqvist
Janne Lönnqvist 12 soat oldin
A VERY astute review! When I heard about a remake I thought it was redundant and futile to make one, then saw the trailer and thought that it might have some good parts in it but the original is still a classic, and finally went to the movies to see the new one kinda wanting to hate it but walked out flabbergasted and totally enthralled by it. So much that the new one even surpassed my love for the original one. They are two different takes on the same subject matter and both work just marvelously but almost diagonally opposed to one another in most if not all things.
young boss
young boss 12 soat oldin
LAVATORR 12 soat oldin
If I ever got Mike Stoklassa for a shoot, I'd have to constantly neg him to feel good about myself
Drace 12 soat oldin
rob zombie's the blob is such a bizarre concept that i honestly want to see how he would do it